Kenwick Bungalow Tour 2009

Welcome to Kenwick! We thank you for taking a Sunday afternoon to stroll
the streets of our beautiful and friendly neighborhood. We are very proud
of our homes and invite you to take a closer look.
This year‟s tour is part of a larger celebration commemorating 100 years of
the Kenwick subdivision. Kenwick was born on May 11, 1909, as the first
streets and lots were carved out of the Wickliffe land holdings of what once
was the Ellerslie estate. The neighborhood is thought to be named for Ken-
wick Hall, a famous Georgian estate in eastern England's Lincolnshire.
While some homes were built soon after the founding of the subdivision,
many of the ones you will see were built in the 1920s as the working and
middle classes were able to afford homes.
One of the predominant styles of these homes is the Bungalow, a popular
construction of the time. Many were made from “kits” that were ordered
from catalogs and sent by rail or wagons.
As you will see as you venture forth in our neighborhood, many of our fea-
tured homes have common architectural elements while also differing
greatly in those personal touches that make a house a home.
Kenwick is proud to have 900 homes in our neighborhood with people
from all walks of life. As part of our centennial celebration, we reflect not
only on the physical beauty of the houses and gardens, but on the spirit of
the neighborhood. This spirit is a vibrant blend of history and youth. Some
of our residents are only days and months old, residing in far older homes
as young families seek community and fellowship with their neighbors. Still
others are “veterans” of our neighborhood, born at the time when the first
houses of the „20s were built. While some of these folks still reside in the
home of their birth, others moved away, just down the block or a street
Kenwick has a seductive power over those who visit; causing some to look
fondly back on a “time that was,” while enticing others to snap up the rare
available home in order to sink their own roots. Either way, we here in
Kenwick are proud of our neighborhood, our residents, and our 100 years
of history.
We thank you for visiting on this day and hope to see you often in the future!