General Meeting Minutes July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013 from 7 pm to 8 pm
Kenwick Community Center

Jay Christian, a KNA board member, led this meeting of the Kenwick Neighborhood Association. 19  people attended this meeting. Bill Farmer, our 5th District Councilman was also present. Other KNA board members present included: Sara Constantine, Virginia Thomas, Lisa Pugh Hufana, Damien Mallen, Mark Kleckner, Sandra Kline,  Leeann Murphy,  Carol Gross, and Jody Blankenship.

As a first order of business, Virginia Thomas introduced Dwayne Rice and his wife Lisa and
congratulated him on his 13 years of service to LFUCG Parks and Recreation and his 10 years as
Director of the Kenwick Community Center.  Virginia presented Dwayne with a wall plaque and a gift certificate to a local restaurant from the Kenwick Neighborhood Association. Dwayne recounted his experiences at the center fondly and was very happy to have served the center.

Jay introduced Mark Kleckner,  a current board member not up for election, who  ran the elections.  Mark reviewed the individuals on the ballot and passed out ballots. Virginia Thomas reviewed the structure of the KNA board.  The KNA board is made up of 12 board members. Four of these individuals serve as officers including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Board members serve a three year term. After a three year term board members can be relected. Each year, four board member positions (or more if a spot is vacated) are up for election.  Officer positions are up for election each year. Officers must be elected as a board member in order to be elected as a officer.

At the time of the meeting, only 11 of the 12 board member positions were filled. All four of the officer positions had individuals running who were board members.  It was asked if anyone who was not already on the ballot wished to run for a board position (one seat being empty) or any of the officer positions. Debbie Clouthier agreed to run for a board member position.

Mark introduced individuals on the ballot and allowed each to say a few words about how long they had been in the neighborhood, acted as board members, and so on.
• President: Jay Christian
• Vice Presisdent: Leeann Murphy
• Secretary: Sara Constantine
• Treasurer: Virginia Thomas
• Board Member Positions: Damien Mallen, Sandra Kline, and Lisa Pugh Hufana, and Debbie

Ballots were collected after attendees finished voting. Mark counted the votes during the meeting. All individuals running (listed above) were elected to office.

Virginia then made a motion to authorize board member Sara Constantine access the Kenwick
Neighborhood Association bank account. This was done to ensure more than one individual could access the account. Jay seconded the motion. The motion received unanimous approval.

After voting a neighbor spoke up regarding continued issues she was having regarding the noise of neighboring dogs.  She had also had items stolen from her home recently. It was mentioned that she had already filed multiple complaints last year and had been through a mediation session.  Multiple attendees asked questions and made suggestions, most of which had been already attempted.  Bill Farmer offered to talk with her after the meeting to see what else might be done.

Jay asked the attendees to help decide on a date for the annual yard sale.  The yard sale is usually held at the end of August or in September. The date picked was September 7th, from 8 am to 2 pm.  The yard sale will be held rain or shine. The cost for participation will be $4.00 as in past years to cover advertisement in the newspaper and  The flyers will be distributed mid August and will include a registration form for the yard sale.

Sara Constantine was asked to review the 2013 Bungalow Tour and the progress of the Community Garden.

The 2013 Bungalow Tour held on Sunday, June 2nd from 1 to 5 pm sold 412 tickets to attendees for a total of $2,060.00. 35 raffle tickets were sold for a total of $175. Advertising revenue for the booklet totaled $1,100.  Expenses totaled $906.38. The Neighborhood Association made a total of $2,428.62 after expenses were paid.

The Community Garden has been very successful so far.  A list of 50 volunteers are keeping the garden watered, weeded, and harvested. The budget from the Fifth District Office of $3,245.63 has been spent with Seedleaf. This includes materials for the raised beds, seeds, transplants, tools, and labor for assisting with the build.  A $323.85 credit remains with Seedleaf. The Kenwick Neighborhood Association has spent $697.08 on advance payment for water bills, plumbing repairs for the outdoor faucet, and a faucet lock. Free produce from the garden is being given away on three Saturdays each month from 9 am to 10 am. The garden potluck will be held on Wednesday, August 14th at 6 pm. If you would like to help with the garden or would like more information about the potluck, please contact Sara Constantine at or at 859-221-8350.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.