Disaster Preparedness General Meeting January 28, 2014

Shelley Roberts Bendall, Preparedness Coordinator for Division of Emergency Management gave a helpful presentation  about disaster preparedness for individuals and families, touching on preparedness for winter weather and power outages, chemical hazards, and railroad accidents.

The two most important suggestions she had were:

  • Acquire a weather radio.
  • Assign an single emergency contact to send word that you are ok in the event of an emergency.¬† If the phone lines are tied up chances are you can get out one call or text to let a family or friend know you are ok and where you are located. Let your other friends and family know to contact that person if they cannot connect with you.

Attached is the winter weather link, the disaster preparedness presentation, and more information on CERT training.


Kenwick Neighborhood Association.ppt

CERT Training Brochure.doc