Board Meeting Minutes February 25, 2014

Meeting started at 7:00 pm and ran until 8:00 pm. Meeting attended by Jay Christian, Leeann Murphy, Lisa Hufana, Virginia Thomas, Mark Kleckner, Sara Constantine, Carol Gross, and Sandra Kline. Recorded by Sara Constantine, KNA Secretary.

    • Budget for Community Garden.  There is funding that may be coming from the 5th District Office. The amount has not been announced yet.  Needed items have been added to a $1,000 budget list including $300 for water for Victory Christian Church. Once the amount from the 5th District Office is announced and any additional material donations are added, we will discuss funds needed from the Kenwick Neighborhood Association.  It was also suggested to have a survey to collect information about suggestions for the garden this year.
    • Additional Account Access: Sara Constantine requested to have one more person in addition to Virginia Thomas have access to the Kenwick Neighborhood Association bank account. This is mainly for emergency access or if Virginia is unavailable to make a needed transaction. Leeann Murphy, Vice President offered to take this responsibility.  Jay Christian made the motion to approve Leeann as secondary account access. All unanimously approved this motion.
    • Safety Issues: There were two reported issues of drug dealing and substance abuse in the neighborhood that were making neighbors uncomfortable.  One board member was assigned to follow up with the police department to gather details and hopefully advance some action on the matter. If this issue persists, it is suggested to have a meeting on this topic of how neighbors can assist the police more effectively in reporting suspicious activity in a safe manner.
    • Next General Meeting Topic: Since the safety issues are awaiting more information, the best topic for the next meeting was decided to be community garden. This will be an informational update on what happened with the garden last year, and will also be an open discussion for how to proceed this year. Also suggested to have a survey at the next meeting to gather suggestions for new topics.
    • Website Hosting:  Webhosting with 3rd Dimension Design was renewed for 2014 for the amount of $100. The bill was given to Virginia to process. Our web host also set up a WordPress site to be used as a new content management system and blog for the neighborhood.  This site will be setup and hopefully launched within the next month.  Sara Constantine requested assistance reviewing existing content for accuracy.  Leeann Murphy and Jay Christian both offered assistance.
    • Using Social Media to Help Neighbors:  Sara Constantine reported the use of Facebook to gather assistance in moving topsoil for an elderly neighbor.  The event was successful and the neighbor was very grateful.  It was noted we should remain aware of situations when a neighbor may need help, report it, and see if we can arrange ways to gather helping hands. For now this is an informal agenda item, but we may arrange an more formal process in the future.
    • Other Budget Items: Sara Constantine filed the Secretary of State filing for 2014 for the amount of $15. Victory Christian Church presented water bills from 2012 and 2013.  The difference in water usage prior to the community garden amounted to $363.96.  Since $300 was paid in 2013, the amount of $63.96 was approved to be paid for 2013 Community Garden water usage.