Safety Reminders Regarding Door-to-Door Sales

Hello Neighbors,

Here is some information from Commander Sedlaczek about people selling items door-to-door. It has been a little while since any neighbors have reported anything like this, but it is good to be aware of some of this advice before they come knocking.

If people are selling items for a business they would need a license but this does not cover selling a service. Kids selling items for a school or say girl scouts would not need this either. I would never give out any personal information to someone who just showed up at my door. If you recognize the company, you can have them give you what information they have and then contact the company later if you think it was suspicious or you are interested in their service.

Always be leery of anyone wanting to do construction work at your home that show up uninvited. This is never a good idea. Some neighborhoods have posted “No Soliciting” signs in their neighborhoods. This might deter some but probably not many. I would not give out any personal information or make payment to persons selling magazines. The scam may be only that you pay for a magazine that you never receive. Never let anyone in your home or provide any information about what items you may have inside or your activities. If they are criminals they may be casing your house and trying to find out if you may have valuables inside and when you are likely to not be home.

More Information on Home Repair Scams:

  1. Beware of unsolicited contractors who come to your home claiming that your home needs repair work for damage that you have never noticed. Common home improvement scams involve repairs to: roofs, gutters, chimneys and driveways.
  2. Never agree to have work done on the spot. Scam contractors often claim to offer a “special deal”, because they have material left over from another job.
  3. Get at least two written estimates from reputable contractors that include specific information about the materials and services provided for the job.
  4. Check references by contacting the Better Business Bureau, local licensing authorities, previous customers, banks and suppliers.
  5. Never pay with cash (use a check or credit card). Never pay make final payment until the job is completed.

As usual if someone seems suspicious, please call the police so we can check it out. The police non-emergency line is: 859-258-3600.