Block Captains

KNA Block Captains

This is a list of Block Captains for our Safety Watch Program. We are in need of volunteers for Hazel, Marne, White, and Robertson. This position involves handing out written information about twice a year. This is NOT a job being a 'policeman' for your block, so please step up to volunteer by emailing:

Name Block
Jay Christian Richmond Ave - 1st Block
John Linker Richmond Ave - 3rd Block
Katie Cranfill Victory  Ave
Damien Mallen Owsley Ave - 1st Block (also to Lincoln on Rich. Rd.)
Frances Kurre Owsley Ave - 2nd Block
Cara McWhorter Owsley Ave - 3rd Block
Carol Myers Lincoln Ave - 1st Block (also to Preston on Rich. Rd.)
Sara Constantine Lincoln Ave - 2nd Block
Sandra Kline Lincoln Ave - 3rd Block
Lauren Hightower Preston Ave - 1st Block (also to Bassett on Rich. Rd.)
Sean Anderson Preston Ave - 2nd Block
Gary & Toni Simmons Preston Ave - 3rd Block
William Adams Bassett Ave - 1st Block (also to Sherman on Rich. Rd.)
Barbara Call Bassett Ave - 2nd Block
Meg Strong Bassett Ave - 3rd Block
Leslee Moore Sherman Ave - 1st Block
John Grimes Sherman Ave - 2nd Block
Catherine DeLoach Sherman Ave - 3rd Block
Kim Scott Menifee Ave
Kim Scott Monroe Ave
John Linker Aurora Ave
John Linker Cramer Ave
Block captain needed Robertson Ave
Block captain needed Hazel Ave
Block captain needed Marne Ave