Census data for 2000

Kenwick consists of Block Groups 2 & 4 of Census Tract 5. The 2000 Census boundaries also include the western side of Henry Clay Boulevard in the Fairway neighborhood. So, these numbers will be slightly skewed by the inclusion of the Henry Clay Boulevard households.

The 2000 Census data released thus far only lists some information at the county or census tract level. So, we know the population of the entire Census Tract 5 but not specifically for Kenwick (Block Groups 2 and 4). Information at the block group level currently available is for housing and households only.


  • 919 housing units
  • 94% were occupied in April 2000
  • 6% were vacant (for sale, for rent, etc.)
  • 67% are owner-occupied
  • 33% are renter-occupied
  • 100% have indoor plumbing and municipal water (Kentucky-American Water Company)
  • 98% use piped gas for heating (Columbia Gas)
  • 54% of Kenwick homes were built in or before 1939
  • 23% were built from 1940-1949
  • 21% were built from 1950-1959
  • 2% were built in 1960 or later


  • 34% of households consist of 1 person
  • 35% of households consist of 2 people living together
  • 14% of households consist of 3 people
  • 11% of households consist of 4 people
  • 6% of households consist of 5 or more people
  • 22% of households are single women living alone
  • 12% of households are single men living alone
  • 56% of households are two or more people living together who are related biologically or who are recognized legally as spouses or adopted children. The Census defines these households as families.
  • 44% of households don't meet this Census criteria and are thus defined as non-family households.

Family Structures by Household:

  • 34% of households are people living alone
  • 21% of households consist of legally married couples without children under 18 living with them
  • 17% of households consist of legally married couples and their own children under age 18
  • 10% of households are two or more people living together as roommates, unmarried partners, or other non-biological relationships not legally recognized under the Census definition of family (232 unmarried partner couples live in the larger area from Midland Avenue to Henry Clay Blvd [Census Tract 5]. 60 of these couples are same-sex couples.)
  • 8% of households are single moms* and their own children under age 18
  • 4% of households are women living with another adult biological relative (i.e. daughter and elderly mother, two sisters, etc.)
  • 2% of households are men living with another adult biological relative (i.e. son and elderly mother, two brothers, etc.)
  • 2% of households are single dads* living with children under age 18
    1% of households are single moms* living with related children under age 18 (i.e. a nephew living with an aunt)
  • 1% of households consist of legally married couples living with children under 18 who are related to the couple but who are not the couple's own children (i.e. neices living with aunts and uncles, etc.)

*Keep in mind that this data is for households rather than for individuals. Thus, a woman living with her children and an unmarried partner is single only in the legal and not social sense. The Census would then define the mother and child as falling into the single mom category and the unmarried partner in their household would be "invisible" in the household data as an extra, unrelated household member. When the individual level data comes out, then individual living arrangements, race, gender, etc. will be available.

Householder...What the Census Says about the Person Who Filled Out the Form

These numbers only reflect info on the householder and not everyone in that person's household.

  • 95% White
  • 2% Black
  • 2% various other racial categories, none over 1%
  • 1% multi-racial
  • 18% of householders are 65 years or older

1990 Census:

  • The 1990 Census data is complete and has more information...but it is over a decade old now.
  • 66% of Kenwick residents had high school degrees in 1990
  • 26% of this 66% also had college degrees
  • the neighborhood's median income was $21,739 in 1990
  • 19% of residents lived below the poverty level
  • the median value of owner-occupied homes was $53,700 in 1990
  • the median rent was $324 in 1990
  • The 1990 Census (the last time this information was available) reports that
  • 59% of residents had moved into their current Kenwick home in the prior 5 years (1985-1990). Thus, in 1990 only 41% of Kenwick residents had lived in their current home for more than 5 years.