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The Kenwick Neighborhood will be holding its Annual Yard Sale on this Saturday, Sept 7th, 2019. The sale will be held 8 AM to 2 PM, rain or shine. 

36 households will be participating this year. Victory Christian Church will be selling baked goods, donuts, coffee, and used books (including fiction, non-fiction and children’s books). Tables will be outside the front of the church on Victory Ave from ours 8 am to noon. Cramer Cottage at 1023 Cramer Avenue will be holding a yard sale as well.

Addresses Participating:

  • 711 Aurora Avenue
  • 19, 22, 31, 42, 183, 190, 191#3 Richmond Avenue
  • 104, 114, 124, 126, 148 Victory Avenue
  • 1009, 1023 Cramer Avenue
  • 103 Marne Avenue
  • 115, 214, 217, 299 Owsley Avenue
  • 128, 132, 136, 157, 173, 216, 264, 313, 329 Lincoln Ave
  • 226, 303, 334 Preston Avenue
  • 152, 181, 268, 271, 352 Sherman Avenue

Map to all the households participating:

Date: Sunday, June 2, 2019, 1 to 5 p.m.
Location: Homes will be in the Kenwick neighborhood, Tickets booklets can be purchased at Victory Christian Church parking lot on the corner of Cramer and Owsley AvenuesTickets: Available for $8 on the day of the tour, or $8 for advance purchase tickets on EventBrite.

Eventbrite - Kenwick Bungalow Tour 2019

The Kenwick Neighborhood Association presents the 2019 Kenwick Bungalow Tour on Sunday, June 2nd, 1-5 p.m. Eight homes and gardens will be stops on the tour. While every house may not be a bungalow, each one will show a different aspect of Kenwick’s unique personality. This event helps the Kenwick Neighborhood Association raise money for projects such as Neighborhood Tree Planting, Kenwick Victory Christian Church Community Garden and helps fund events at the Kenwick Community Center. Tickets will be sold for $8 on the day of the tour or for $8 for advance tickets starting in mid-April on Contact or call 859-221-8350 for more information.

Six of the Eight Homes on the Kenwick Bungalow Tour

In addition to the homes on the tour, Bruce Lewis will be playing music from 1:30 to 4:30 pm  local art will be on display and for sale at 128 and 133 Lincoln Avenue. Local artists included Enrique Gonzalez, Maureen Dreckman, Charles Jolly, Vicki Robinson, Robbie Holton, and Sara Constantine. Sav's Chill  ice cream truck will be at the Victory Christian Church parking lot. Wilson's Meat's and Groceries will have free samples and water.


Artwork Samples from the Artists on Display



There will be 50 households participating in this year's Annual Kenwick Yard Sale on Saturday, Sept 15th. The sale will be held 8 AM to 2 PM, rain or shine. Victory Christian Church will also be selling coffee and baked goods (148 Victory Avenue) from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

138, 152, 268, 279, 288 Sherman Ave
204, 223, 305, 335, 349 Bassett Ave
153, 161, 216, 217, 222, 315, 333, 353 Preston Ave
136, 173, 208, 313, 329, 369 Lincoln Ave
115, 130, 136, 328, 351 Owsley Ave
105, 114, 148 Victory Ave
2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22, 31, 37, 190, 321 Richmond Ave
1203 Menifee Ave
735, 815, 829, 1023 Cramer Ave
1004, 1011 Aurora Ave

Here is a link to a google map of all 50 locations:

 It’s yard sale time again; time to gather up those items you no longer use and join the annual neighborhood yard sale.

  • Annual Kenwick Yard Sale
  • Saturday, September 17th, 2016
  • 8 am to 2 pm (rain or shine)
  • Sign up to hold a yard sale by Monday, September 11th

All Kenwick neighborhood residents are invited to participate. The cost is $5.00 which helps pay for advertising in the newspaper, signs, and printing. Sign up forms will dropped off door to door and digital forms and are available below. The forms will be due on Monday, September 11th. For additional information call Sara Constantine at 859.221.8350 or email

Download the sign up form here

Date: Sunday, June 4th, 1-5 p.m
Location: This tour is self guided and all homes will be in the Kenwick neighborhood.
Advance Ticket Purchase and Pickup: Tickets can be in purchased in advance for $7 per person. Tour goers can pick up tour booklets (including maps and home descriptions) at the Victory Christian Church parking lot on the corner of Owsley and Cramer Avenue.
Day of Tour Ticket Purchase: Cash purchases of tickets will be available for $7 on the day of the tour at the Victory Christian Church parking lot on the corner of Owsley and Cramer Avenue.

Questions? Call Sara Constantine at 859-221-8350 or email

The Kenwick Neighborhood Association presents the 2017 Kenwick Bungalow Tour on Sunday, June 4th, 1-5 p.m. The tour is a perfect illustration of this near-downtown neighborhood that blends traditional and modernized homes and gardens, and the diverse blend of Lexingtonians who call it home.

We will have 7 homes on the tour within the Kenwick neighborhood. Jay and Amy Christian's home on Richmond Avenue have a newly expanded kitchen and family room in the back. Deborah Holloway and Eric Engebretsen's home on Richmond Avenue was previously on the Bungalow Tour but now has a new kitchen and bathroom renovation. Dawn Paluch and Joel Kohler moved to their home from Boulder, Colorado last year. Their home on Preston Avenue was built 1932 and research indicates it was owned by the Clay family. They are in progress with a full restoration of their home from refinishing the floors to re-plastering the walls. Oscar and Wendy Thornton are veteran house renovators and have renovated several homes in the neighborhood, including their own home on Bassett Avenue which will be on the tour. Their house was built in 1920. It was empty for a few years before Oscar and Wendy bought it, so they worked on it for 8 months before they could move in. It is one of the few houses in Kenwick with an in-ground pool.

This tour is a great way to get inspiration for your own homes and gardens, whether you are looking to freshen up a color scheme or embark on starting a new addition to your home. One of the most frequent questions is "what is that paint color and where did you get it?" Many tour goers ask homeowners about their experience with recent renovations and their experience in the Kenwick neighborhood. At $7 per ticket, the tour is also more affordable than other home and garden tours in Lexington.

Free homemade cookies and refreshments will be provided on the front lawn of Pat and Chris Donahoe's house on Lincoln Avenue.

This event helps the Kenwick Neighborhood Association raise money for projects such as the Kenwick Victory Christian Church Community Garden and helps fund events at the Kenwick Community Center.

Just a reminder that our next general meeting is tomorrow, July 25th, from 7 to 8 pm at the Kenwick Center (313 Owsley Avenue). We will be holding board elections and having open discussion time. Beth Engel and Jordan Johnson have put their names in as new board members, if there is anyone else who is interested let me know at kenwickneighbors. We hope to see you there!

From Commander Maynard of the Lexington Police:

With July 4th quickly approaching I wanted to provide some information regarding fireworks safety and rules. The Lexington Police Department will have 2 officers specifically designated to respond to firework complaint calls on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night this week for Central Sector from 9pm – 2am. Complaints should be directed to 258-3600 unless it is an emergency.

Listed below is a link that provides good firework safety information along with a description of what is legal to use under LFUCG RCO.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Commander Brian Maynard
Bureau of Patrol - Central Sector
Lexington Police Department
150 East Main Street
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 425-2391

The Kenwick Community Center will be hosting an egg hunt for kids ages 12 and under tomorrow (Thursday, April 24th) from 6 to 8 pm. Ages 3 and under at 6-6:30, ages 4-6 6:30-7, ages 7-9 7-7:30, ages 10-12 7:30-8. Over 200 eggs have been filled and prizes will awards to the child in each group that finds the golden egg.

The Center will also be hosting a Craft & Vintage sale on Saturday April 16th from 8 am to 4 pm. If you would like to sell items, registration is $7 and is due April 9th.

The Spring Carnival will be held Thursday, April 21st from 6 to 8 pm There will be food, games, bouncy houses, music and more. The second block of Owsley will be closed during this event.

Contact 266-6405 with any questions.

At the last general meeting, it was determined that Richmond Ave, Owsley Ave, and the Sherman Ave (1st and 2nd block) had the most issues with speeding. As the city no longer offers speed bumps or humps, only speed tables, the issue of loss of street clearing and emergency vehicle service will no longer be a problem. As a side note, Sherman did not qualify for stop signs at the intersection with Monroe a few years back and stop signs cannot be placed at the intersection of Owsley and Monroe.

The protocol for the requesting traffic studies for speed control measures (specifically speed tables) are as follows:

1. Each block effected that desires speed control measures completes a petition with 65% resident approval to have a traffic/feasibility study performed (such as the first block of Richmond Avenue).

2. Traffic engineering performs the study (during non-summer traffic which is low) and makes an assessment whether or not the street qualifies bases on traffic volumes and speeds. If the block qualifies, then traffic engineering makes an assessment of cost sharing with the neighborhood based on median property value or media household income. Our understanding from the meeting is that this is scaled and that it would be less than half of the cost and probably more like 10%-30% of the total. For reference from the last communications:

  • Owsley: approximately $18,000 for 4 speed tables between Richmond Rd and Cramer Ave
  • Sherman Ave: approximately $13,500 between Richmond Rd. and Monroe Ave; approximately $13,500 Monroe Ave to Menifee Ave;
  • Richmond Ave Potential Cost: approximately $18,000 between Richmond Rd and Cramer Ave

* Please note the cost share can be from just the owners on the block, or from a wider territory, and funds may also be available from other sources so the suggestion is to at least perform the study even if funding is a concern.

3. The neighborhood receives notification of the traffic assessment and cost. IF the block still wishes to proceed, they need to provide a 65% owner approval of the proposal and then LFUCG needs one check covering the cost share from the neighborhood.

We have neighbors already covering Richmond Avenue and Owsley Avenue, so people on those blocks can expect to see people knocking on doors to see if they would like to sign soon.

We need volunteers (preferably that live on Sherman) to help bring the petition door to door on the first and second blocks of Sherman. For the first block we would need 25 signatures of the 39 homeowners to achieve 65%. For the second block we would need 29 of the 44 homeowners achieve 65%. Please message me or email kenwickneighbors if you are interested. We will provide the petition form supplied by traffic engineering.