Meeting Minutes

Shelley Roberts Bendall, Preparedness Coordinator for Division of Emergency Management gave a helpful presentation  about disaster preparedness for individuals and families, touching on preparedness for winter weather and power outages, chemical hazards, and railroad accidents.

The two most important suggestions she had were:

  • Acquire a weather radio.
  • Assign an single emergency contact to send word that you are ok in the event of an emergency.  If the phone lines are tied up chances are you can get out one call or text to let a family or friend know you are ok and where you are located. Let your other friends and family know to contact that person if they cannot connect with you.

Attached is the winter weather link, the disaster preparedness presentation, and more information on CERT training.

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CERT Training Brochure.doc

August, 27th, 2013 from 6 pm to 8 pm

The content of this meeting has been reformatted from a mainly question and answer format to retain continuity. Most answers were given by the police and some content was from Bill Farmer and Diane Lawless.

49 people were in attendance including Commander Pape from the Lexington Police, 5th District Council member Bill Farmer, 3rd District Council member Diane Lawless, and Beth Overman from the Mayor’s Office. Jay Christian, President of the Kenwick Neighborhood Association, gave the introductions.

Commander Pape brought data regarding crimes that have occurred in within Kenwick bounds between 2008 and 2013 (to date) to compare crime rates in our area over time (see following pages).  He said 2009 was a great year for crime reduction in Lexington, but after 2010 crime rates went back up. In the Kenwick area, there was a large increase in burglaries in 2012.  This year has seen a 30% reduction in burglaries for the year to date compared with last year.  Total crimes in the Kenwick area were down 10% for the year to date.  Incidents of theft are up 100% compared with last year to date.  He also said that he did not feel that there was a consistent identifiable upward trend in crime at this time. To help view the trends in property crimes more easily, there is a chart for total property crimes for 2008 through 2012 and 2013 to date.  2013 is not yet complete, but Commander Pape said crime tends to escalate in the summer and taper off through the remainder of the year.

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July 23, 2013 from 7 pm to 8 pm
Kenwick Community Center

Jay Christian, a KNA board member, led this meeting of the Kenwick Neighborhood Association. 19  people attended this meeting. Bill Farmer, our 5th District Councilman was also present. Other KNA board members present included: Sara Constantine, Virginia Thomas, Lisa Pugh Hufana, Damien Mallen, Mark Kleckner, Sandra Kline,  Leeann Murphy,  Carol Gross, and Jody Blankenship.

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Here you will find minutes of past meetings and board meetings recorded by our secretary, Susan Nichols prior to 2009. Click on the links below to download PDF versions of each meetings minutes.