Community Garden

The new community garden in the back of Victory Christian Church is now up and running! We owe thanks to a lot of people including: Victory Christian Church and Rachele Snellgrove for all their support in planning and building and for use of their space; Bill Farmer, Jessica Gies, and the 5th Council District for funding this project; Ryan Koch and Seedleaf for helping us with the plans, gathering all the materials, and showing us how to make the raised beds; Saraya Brewer and the Chevy Chaser Magazine for Publicity; the Mentelle neighborhood for making a generous donation and contributing committee members and volunteers; Chad Cagle for donating marigolds and others who have dropped by with donations of transplants and tomato stakes; and all our committee members and volunteers including but not limited to: Jay Christian, Ray Debolt, Cathy Vigor, Deborah Halpern Holloway, Sally Scherer, Janie-Rice Brother, Virginia Thomas, Debbie Clouthier, Sarah Orrahood Hall, Michael Cronk, Mark Kleckner, Sarah Gardner, Becky Kellum, Carol Gross, Jody Blankenship, Philip Sherman, Mary Turner Gardner, Sandra Kline, Reid Small, Colleen Small, Jarah Jones, Laura Farnsworth, Carol Myers, Lynn Fors, Debbie Clouthier, Kristin Ingwell Goode, Abby Goode, Leslee Moore, and Wendy Thorton. Please, please forgive me if I missed you and tag yourself or let me know!

We will need more help to keep this garden going! We will have weekly time slots open to water, weed and/or harvest and many hands make for light work. We will also have one time slot each Saturday from 1pm to 2pm for an experienced gardener so inexperienced gardeners can take the Friday and Saturday slot and meet up for some training. You should be able to see people's names in the time slots that are taken. If you would like to sign up for a slot, please email


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  1. Benjamin McNeese

    I live right across the street,sign me up whichever day is needed.If you need me for two days thats would be fine

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